Kenneth Gavin is a portrait photographer based in New York City.  He grew up in Philadelphia, and always had a strong interest in geography and the origins of different cultures.  His technical problem solving capabilities drew him to academic and professional pursuits in engineering and corporate strategy, but his true passion was always centered on travel and helping those less fortunate. His interest in photography began over a decade ago, during a visit to several countries in Southern Africa.  This trip overseas sparked his enthusiasm on capturing the experience and chronicling the stories in an organized manner.  It was during this time that Kenneth learned more about the storytelling aspect of photography, and began to take photos with an eye towards engaging with the subject of the photos: the beauty of the topography of Cape Town, the power of nature at Victoria Falls, the daily hustle of Johannesburg, and the essence of the people in Kasane.  Looking back, Kenneth believes that a more appropriate field of study and career path would have been the conflation of anthropology and social entrepreneurship.
Since that initial trip, Kenneth has traveled to several other countries across four different continents and has spent time living in Spain and Brazil.  He initially used the camera as a mechanism for telling the story of his travels, and today he is a practicing professional with a focus on portrait, lifestyle, and travel documentary photography.